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shipping & returns

shipping policy

Processing time will be within 1-3 business days.


Shipping will be between 3-5 business days after order is processed.

return & exchange policy

**There is a no return policy on all products. Please cancel within the first 24 hours of your order.

Fantasy Beauty has a strict NO REFUND, RETURN, or EXCHANGE policy on all products. Due to our products having direct contact with your hair and skin, we will not accept, refund, or exchange any products (Used or Un-used) in order to prevent the potential spread of germs/ diseases through cross-contamination from contact with hair and skin. 

If by any chance, you receive the wrong products by mistake, please contact within three business days of receiving the product.

Fantasy Beauty does not accept responsibility or liability for any lost or stolen orders. We further are not responsible or liable for any error or mistake in any information made or entered on your behalf (including any customer information, the product ordered, the color of the product, amount of product ordered, or any other representation of misinformation not expressly defined.) It is you, as the customer, to assume sole liability and ensure all accurate and updated information before placing your order.

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